Office365 deployment best practice

We are in the process of migrating to Office365. As part of the process, the networked is evaluated and the first recommendation by Microsoft is to remove any proxies from the path between the user and Office365. The problem with this is that MS has a ton of IP Address ranges and URLs.

The primary guidelines are:

  1. Use a proxy PAC files to send all the MS URLs direct.
  2. Create policies on the firewall to allow all IP ranges and URLs

Really good overview of their philosophy from Ignite:

Here is the entire IP/URL List in XML format:

The problem I see is managing the list of IP Addresses and URLs. The list is long and changes somewhat frequently, so it's not just a matter of doing it once, you have to maintain it. As far as I know, there is no Network object in the UTM that let's you drop a list of subnets. That wouldn't be bad. But it appears that each subnet has to be created as a network definition and them maybe added to a group. But some places in Sophos do not accept groups, so then each subnet would have to be dragged one at a time in the interface. Again tedious to implement and more tedious to maintain.

I could use the API, but that would have to be run against each UTM. This will take a bit of work to implement, but may be the best solution long term.

Has anyone discovered an easy solution to keeping this type of thing up to date?

  • In reply to harrisonpensa:

    Guys, in AppCtrl, an "Allow" rule should be considered as an "Exception" for a subsequent "Block" rule.  It's really only used to block applications.  I don't have many active AppCtrl rules at any client site.

    Cheers - Bob