Problem Apple App Store over UTM Proxy


I‘m running the Sophos utm with transparent Proxy, latest up2date version is installed.

I have problems with several Apple devices to connect to the Apple iTunes App store or to login. All run on ios 11, latest version.

I did some research here on the forum and found some old threads, which I tried to follow and did the setup on my utm, but all without success. The threads are old, so I believe, that Apple did some modifications on their Servers.

Does anyone else habe such problems with Apple devices over the proxy, is there an actual working solution, how to get this fixed.

I monitored the proxy log to find some useful hints, what’s going wrong, but I don’t find any denies or other blocked Content.

Does anyone have same problems and get this fixes?



  • Hallo Erik,

    I would first try a Google on ios 11 app store and limit the display to the last year to see if one of the more-recent solutions works for you.

    Cheers - Bob