One date for all licenses - UTM 9



I've got a client who bought SG-210 with different subscriptions. (They bought in at a different time). Is it possible to equal the date for all subscriptions? They want it to end at the same date. 




  • the only way I have every done this (being a Partner), is that I upgraded the license for the particular Device with additional module, which would reduce down the entire license span, based on what was originally purchased.

    e.g. Network Protection - 12 Months, add (Upgrade license) with web protection - this would reduce the period down to 6 months for both modules.

    (please don't quote these time scales as they differ for each module subscription)

    then you only need to buy a license after 6 months, for both modules.


    if in doubt ask your Sophos Partner, they will be able to help.

  • Cześć Greg,

    If you are the reseller, go to 'License Management' in MyUTM and select the license that has different end-dates.  At the bottom of the page, you will see 'Subscription Management' and that will allow you to align the end-dates of all subscriptions in the license.

    If you want to align different licenses with each other, You just need to sell enough one-month renewals to get the license expirations closer together.

    Cheers - Bob