UTM Exam Certification



I have been using UTM since over a year now and would like to go for certification but i 'm not able to get proper information. I have following queries , will appreciate if someone can answer them. 


1. What is the first exam for UTM Certification 

2. Do we have to go for some mandatory training for appearing in the exam like in vmware ?

3. If I want to go for self study which would be the best doc / link / study guide for the same.

4.  Is there any self paced advance level online training 

5. Where can i buy the voucher for the same.  



  • Take a look at https://sophos.okta.com/app/sophos_netexamcustomers_1/exk5lh6krmI8qN1SG0x7/sso/saml you will need to login to get acces but gives you options in here. 

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    Hi Duncan,


    Thanks for the reply i already have the link and it does not tell me much about the certification path for Sophos UTM. And when i click on the UTM path it takes me to class enrollment , 

    thats why i asked is it mandatory to take a class before the exam. I do not want to attend the class just want to give the exam directly. And where can i buy the exam voucher for the same.



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    Hi Duncan,

    I believe you must be a partner to take the exam(s)

    stages are;

    1. UTM Engineer (demo only)

    Must have networking experience (CCNA or equivalent)

    2. UTM Architect (Install) - this is an instructor led course e.g. paid for

    3. Support Engineer (UTM) - this is more advanced get into the nuts and bolts of the UTM (great course).


    The courses is all in the Sophos Partner Portal, and has all the training and labs that are required/needed.

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    Hi Jason,


    Thanks for the reply. I m not a partner , I 'm a customer. Are customer's not allowed to have any Sophos UTM certification.



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    Hi Techieh,

    you may have to make contact with your partner, then get them to request the course on your behalf.

    never had to do it myself, so haven't looked into it.