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Hello guys,


I have Sophos UTM home edition, last version. Is there any free remote IPsec VPN client that can be used for Sophos?

As I saw, Sophos IPsec client has a subscription and i only have 2 users accessing the VPN. It would be pointless to buy the subscription for home use.

I prefer IPsec solution, not the SSL VPN.



  • Hi  

    Unfortunately, IPsec VPN client requires a license. The only free remote access VPN clients available are SSL, L2TP over IPsec, PPTP & Cisco VPN.



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    indeed, but i am asking about a free/open source VPN IPsec client compatible with sophos.

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    Hi panicos,

    Karlos is right, IPSEC VPN clients are mostly licensed, although ShrewSoft is a Free IPSec VPN client, but it is open source. I also haven't used it, so cannot guarantee it is flawless or that it will work correctly (you may have to do some testing first).

    If you wait a few months, IKEv2 is about to be released for the UTM, and Windows can use this OOTB..



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    Great news, JasonFell. Didn't know IKEv2 will be released. Will it be available through a firmware update or will it need full reinstall?

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    I believe it will just be an update not a full install (that might cause issues with all the Sophos Admins out there who have been waiting a very long time for this), although Sophos has this on their road-map, I can only imagine the issue they are having getting it working.

    It's meant to be due out early next year.

  • If you only have 2 clients accessing the vpn, you might want to consider setting up the user portal and using that for clientless access.

    Shrewsoft does work with the UTM. I had a thread on here about it. There's a setting in the last tab of the shrewsoft client that has to be set for it to work.