"This site can’t be reached" error



the Suntrust website (maybe some other) is not being reached through our Sophos Firewall. When I hotspot my phone to the computer, the website site loads fine.


I restored Sophos with a one-week old config file, but the problem still here. The firewall is configured to allow any external IP.


Any idea?



Thank you!

  • Hi again,
    Just an update to my program.
    this is the log of my access:
    2017:06:15-16:36:03 sterlingate httpproxy[21247]: id="0001" severity="info" sys="SecureWeb" sub="http" name="http access" action="pass" method="CONNECT" srcip="" dstip="" user="" group="" ad_domain="" statuscode="200" cached="0" profile="REF_HttProContaInterNetwo (Regular Users)" filteraction="REF_HttCffRegulUsers (Regular Users)" size="214" request="0x11d4d200" url="onlinebanking.suntrust.com/" referer="" error="" authtime="0" dnstime="13" cattime="0" avscantime="0" fullreqtime="35096" device="0" auth="0" ua="" exceptions="av,auth,content,url,ssl,certcheck,certdate,mime,cache,fileextension,size"
    Looks like the same as the others, but for this, the page does not load.

    This site can’t be reached

    onlinebanking.suntrust.com unexpectedly closed the connection.


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    Hi, Fabiano, and welcome to the UTM Community!

    It doesn't look like anything in the UTM is causing that.  Try clearing your browser cache or another browser.  Any luck?

    Cheers - Bob
    PS Moving this thread to the Web Protection forum.

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    Hi BAlfson, good morning!


    Yes, I also did not believe was Sophos causing that, but I had no more options.


    That page was not loading in 3 computers inside our company (probably on all, but only 2 people and I need access to that website), plus in one remote computer using VPN and on my phone if I connected to the WiFi. Connecting these same computers to a mobile hotspot the page loads well.


    But, I just came to the work this Monday, and guess what was the first page that I tried to open? Yes, the SunTrust webpage. And the page is now loading fine, with any changes since past Friday. I have no idea what happened, but I'm happy with that! :)


    Anyway, thank you all so much for the help. This forum is awesome! I found a lot of ideas here!


    Have you all an excellent week!

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    now I'm not happy anymore...


    Same error again. No changes were made since this morning. Tested on my computer, and on my phone using wifi. Works fine when connected to mobile data on the phone.


    It's so weird... :(


    This site can’t be reached

    sso.suntrust.com unexpectedly closed the connection.


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    just found a new website with the same problem: https://support.apple.com


    This one is also a https page, but not all https pages are having problem :/





    Apple website is now working after enabling the option "Do not proxy HTTPS traffic in transparent mode" in Web Protection -> Web Filtering -> HTTPS

    SunTrust still not

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    I would get a ticket open with Sophos Support, Fabiano.

    Cheers - Bob