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Any one has any idea what is this logs? they are always there even after I restarted the service, and my smtp is not working after restart





  • Hi  

    This logs are generic and do not indicate any errors. If you're not using SPX, then there will be no letter to be removed. This would be repeated every day and check to remove old letter for which retention period has expired.

  • Hi Ken and welcome to the UTM Community!

    As Jaydeep said, if you are having a problem with the SMTP Proxy, this log has no information about that.

    What do you see at the command line as root when you run the following?

    /var/mdw/scripts/smtp restart

    Instead of showing a picture, please copy and paste into your post.

    Cheers - Bob

  • Thanks all for replying on my concern. This has been resolved via sophos support


    First the logs I show are the only logs showing even restarting the service the logs don't change.


    The First support restarted my service by initiating this command '/etc/init.d/postgresql92 restart' after that smtp can already send message but I encountered an error on web browsing on client PC's they experienced security error, HA errors and IPSec tunnel inconsistency.


    The second support checked and suggested to rebuild my database losing all my logs and reports which is OK to me. Then everything was resolved.