Forward subdomain

I have domain xxx.xx. One apache server for host xxx.xx and (; one domain controller with name (

I used DNS Request Routing to forward to it runing ok; but when i set DNS host name for xxx.xx i can't resolve my

please helpme!

Sorry for my english if you don't understand.

  • Hi Tran,

    What is the DNS Server IP address set on the machine? I did not get a clear picture of your requirement here. Can you please show me few screenshots of the configurations and iterate me about your requirement?


  • Configure the DNS zones of the Domain (primary controllers, web pages, child domains etc) in the main Domain controller (In this Case
    In DNS Request Routing put only

    With this configuration UTM will query for everything *, even to ping a comnputer in that domain

    Or you can configure the second host in Definitions as Static Host


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    Thank you.

    Some screenshots of my configuration



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    Looks like you might need to change the request routing from ad.hientn.local to just hientn.local, since hientn.local seems to be the domain name and ad.hientn.local is a specific machine inside the hientn.local domain.

    You have now configured that the domain name is ad.hientn.local and therefore it will forward a request to ie: to the desired dc.

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    With microsoft dns server i can forward my sub domain to other server with delegration zone, but with sophos and bind9 on centos, i can't do it

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    I am not familiar with bind on Linux, but the DNS implementation on UTM is not a full blown DNS server, therefore I guess it might not support zone delegation. What you have configured is just a DNS request routing which says that all requests for that DNS name should be forwarded to the specified DNS server.

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    Chào Tran and welcome to the UTM Community!

    You should consult DNS best practice.  If you still need help after the great suggestions above, please insert a diagram showing the hosts/devices related to this question.  Even a photo of a hand-drawn diagram is good.

    Cheers - Bob