Sophos Wireless AP55, Sophos Central Admin, Sophos XG-210....Where to configure?

We recently upgraded to the XG-210 firewall. We also migrated our AV clients to Sophos Central Advanced and are managing the clients from Sophos Central. We recently purchased an AP55 to replace our current wireless ap's but I am confused as to where I should configure the AP. I have seen that it can be configured and managed via Sophos Central but also via the XG-210. Anyone have experience with managing from either or both? We want to be sure we can setup 2 SSIDS on the AP and only allow 1 to our internal network, the other SSID would be strictly internet access only for Guests. Any insights or advice from someone experiences with either or both would be greatly appreciated!


  • Hi Jason,

    You would need an additional license to manage your AP through Sophos Central.

    Wireless Protection is included in the Base Firewall License of your XG and the video on this page explains how to set up the wireless network


    I will leave it up to the community to comment on their experiences with either solution but hopefully this will get you started.


    Best regards


  • Hi Jason,

    I have a home edition XG firewall, with 2 x AP50 configured in a MESH, took me about 10 minutes to configure both APs, really easy (so long as you have the license).

    I suggest you get a PC with minimum spec, and download the Evaluation or home edition and have a run through, that will give you chance to get to grips with it.