AP MAX USER & Best Distribution


Now we are doing a survey to identify  the distribution and the number of access point in a production Site, After a measure i look for a 20 Meters a good radius for the AP distribution.

Anyone has similar case ? ( we use Ap320X )

Thanks Marco

  • Actually you could contact your Sophos Partner for a "Offline Survey".

    Providing with some information from your Site (Building plans etc.), Sophos can give you a first impression of a number, how many APX you would need. 

  • If you don't have good "air" conditions there won't be good suggestions.
    First of all you need to study how crowded the channels are in your area.
    After you have done this, I can tell you that 1 APX320 can support even 40 people working In an area of 40Mts2. If you manage the APs from the Firewall you can get the workload of the AP from the Advance Console, if you use the Cloud, you have the data there..

    As the Lucas told you, you need to contact a Sophos partner to have a study of the environment. Wifi is not easy.