Sophos UTM 9.7 Mesh Network with AP55 - Mesh Root handling Clients?


we have a Sophos SD 135 with UTM 9.7 and 5 AP55. One AP55 is Mesh root. The others are Mesh APs (there is NO cable infrastructure available).

Some questions to that:

1. I had in mind that the UTM Appliance itself cannot be the mesh root. Right?

2. I had also in mind that the mesh root itself cannot handle any clients. I wonder because the wlan status shows lots of clients connected to the mesh root.

3. Because it happens sometimes that the APs go offline: Can I define multiple mesh roots (for which I surely need wired connection to the UTM) or is only one Mesh root possible?

Thanks for replies! Gernot

  • Hi together,

    I figured out 3rd question by myself: You can have multiple mesh roots.

    any hints to question 1 and 2?


    Thanks for hints Gernot