APX740 link speed only 400Mbps

Hello, after week new PoE+ switch arrived, so i connected two APX740, AP55C and on APX im getting client link speed only 400Mbps and with AP55C 866Mbps without problem, any suggestions why APX does not serve full speed? Client is Wave2 capable and same link speeds are also on Samsung S10+ phone.

APs are managed by UTM 9.7...


  • Found the problem, AP55C is by default using 80MHz channels, can be found in console by OBJS, awe, devices, APX APs are by default in SG UTM set to 2.4GHz 20MHz and 5GHz to 40MHz...after changing to 80Mhz for 5GHz works fine...

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    You know that MHz and GHz are not the same. If you use 5GHz you can use 20,40, 80MHz and more..

    The problem wasn't the 5GHz band. The problem was probably because there was too much noise in your air environment. And your wireless card wasn't able to manage this 80MHz bandwidth because the channels you were using were too crowded.
    When you select 80MHz you are using lot of channels to have this size of bandwidth. is not always the best option, probably... the worst in most cases.

    You can't setup a 80MHz bandwidth if you are not alone in the wifi space.

    My suggestion: 5GHz band with 20MHz bandwidth. Or you can try 40MHz if the air is clean of noisy neighbours..

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    Hello Christian,

    thanx for nice explanation, but im really not network beginner and this is indoor environment in family wood-based house which is completely closed with aluminium vapor barrier, so if you are inside the house, believe me, you cant see ANY neighbour network, 2,4GHz and definitelly not 5GHz. That means environment is completely noise free, but the problem was configuration, in UTM you cant select channel width and APX740 was using by default 40MHz, but old AP55C used 80MHz. You can set it in Shell console, sadly you cant set 160MHz which APX740 should be capable...

    Another situation is in XG where channel width setting is, but also only 80MHz max...

    My environment is built on UTM so that was it...

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    Ouch I havent seen the UTM specs at the end. I was thinking about XG!. Nevermind.


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    :-) but...if you have got any solution how to set 160MHz on apx740 in XG...i did not found how to...

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    In the spec sheet says it is capable.

    I have never setup above 80MHz, but some team mates told me you need to do it a the advanced console. BUT, if you do it you lose support.
    The best option would be open a case with sophos support.