AP 15/ 55 as repeater


just a simple question since the search function didn't produce any usable results:

Is it possible to configure a AP 15 or 55 as repeater and has the repeated WLAN to be created by a Sophos AP, too?



I've got a Lancom AP and several Fritz Repeaters and I'd like to replace the Fritz Repeaters with several Sophos APs and use the SG-210 interface to integrate and manage the APs.

If this is not possible, I would replace the Lancom with a Sophos AP but I need the repeater function, because I haven't LAN access everywhere I would need an AP.

  • Hi hushpuppies.  That's you're real name right? :)

    Sophos Access Points can act as repeaters in a wireless mesh network.  The SSID they're repeating would have to be configured on the UTM though, so I don't believe you would be able to use 3rd party APs in this configuration. 

    See this KB which explains the process of setting it up.