Azure AD + wifi authentication



I have 3 Sophos XG firewalls on three different locations.

Right now we use one password for our WiFi but this isn't very secure and some of our students know the password so I really want to have a more secure option.

The locations are three primary schools we don't have any local servers anymore but use Office365 and Azure AD.

I would like the staff to be able to use the WiFi by using there Office365 mailaddress and password.

Is this possible? If so can someone explain me how to set this up, please?


If not, please consider adding this, this would be a fantastic feature!


Thank you!!

  • With Sophos Central you can use Azure AD Sync, but this is presently only compatible with Central E-mail, not Central Wireless, so unfortunately I don't believe this is possible at the moment. 


  • Hi Michaël,

    I am Tejas from the product management team. We would love to get in touch with you and understand more about your requirements. Could you please let us know how to reach out to you directly?



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    Great, thank you. I sent you a personal message with my mail address.