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Sophos APX Series Benchmarks

If anyone has experience with the new APX Series, I'd be curious to know the throughput performance numbers of the APX 320, 530, and 740 models.


  • I am running an APX320 at home and 530 in office and like my throughput in Case of wireless.

    Like always, it highly depends on the tests and the other factors like "Air" etc. 

    My APX320 is running in Dual 5.0 GHz mode and with my German 120 mbit/s, the WAN is the bottleneck of the performance most cases. 

    WAVE2.0 is somekind of key phrases in APX wireless world. 

    Maybe somebody else can share their experience with the community. Would like to hear other reviews. 


    Just some "quick and dirty numbers" from my end.

    Have a iphone 8 here, APX320 is sitting in another room behind a wall (think 8 meters).

    Speedtest (google) shows 110 mbit/s with 10 ms ping.

    Speedtest (google) Desktop (wired) shows 115 mbit/s with 9 ms ping.  

  • In reply to LuCar Toni:

    Thank you for the speedy response!

    With both of those numbers, I'd agree the bottleneck is the WAN/ISP Connection. Still, promising results for the APX 320.

    The true test would be using a tool like iperf on two internal hosts, one wired, one wireless, and keeping the benchmark internal/local.

  • In reply to DaMaN841:

    I do not have any kind of "valid" client currently available at home. 

    My (crappy) iPhone 8 only supports round about 250 mbit/s down (tested with some kind of iperf app). 

    The other Clients like TV´s etc. cannot perform iperf, or i have no clue how to start it... 


    You could ask your partner to get a APX ? Would be better to get some APX for yourself. 

  • In reply to LuCar Toni:

    No worries, I appreciate all of your information.

    Unfortunately I'm Home User, so I don't have access to partners; I've just enjoyed using the product since way back to the Astaro days, however, my AP10's and AP50 are showing their age and I very much enjoy and would prefer to keep the all in one integration.

    If I find a good deal, I'll look into making an APX purchase!