Is it possible to use Wireless authentication by Facebook and others social on AP ?

When will possible to use this kind of authenticathion ?

Will be possible to manage by XG firewall ?

Or will be manageble only by cloud ?

To be more clear here some software and devices that are able to do:

  • Hi  

    We don't currently support Facebook Wi-Fi, but please submit a Feature Request so we can see it implemented soon.



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    Is there any update regarding social-media authentication ?

  • Is this on the horizon as yet? Or not planned?

  • Hey all, i thought i would mention that if you want to use Sophos UTM and Access Points for a Guest SSID and have Social Connect function, it is worthwhile to consider Captini or TripAdvisor WiFi.  DO NOT use their hardware AP's, deploy Sophos as you would normally, TripAdvisor in association with Captini will ship you a Mikrotik Proxy unit, that will grab the traffic on the Guest VLAN SSID you tag in the UTM and provide clients on the Guest WiFi with relevant Social Connect portal branded for your company, and TripAdvisor integration as well. Downside...monthly cost with TripAdvisor between $79 - $99 / month. But im guessing that if you want social feedback, this wont be a problem for many.

  • @FabioTerrone - We're working on requirement finalization for Social Login integration for Sophos Central based Wireless. This will enable us for other social login property (Google+, Twitter etc. - based on OATH 2.0). 

    The timeline for this is late Q4'18 - Q1'19. 


    Once the feature requirements are finalized we would like to touch base with you and see if I walk you through the use cases and flow. It would be great to get your feedback. 

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    Hi Shail,


    Do you have some update about this feature, we are in a big project and this feature is required.


    Best Regards.

    Heleno Fagundes

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    Hi Heleno,


    This is a part of our roadmap and can be expected by the mid of this year.




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    So you posponed this feature by another quarter.

    No good.

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    Tejas Kashyap

    Hi Heleno,


    This is a part of our roadmap and can be expected by the mid of this year.






    Can we please get a roadmap update?  We're nearly a full year beyond the original release estimate.

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    Hi Joshua,

    The feature is under testing and should be available by the end of the year. I will update you on the exact dates. 


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    Hi Tejas, Sophos should know that this feature is mainly required by "tourism" vertical market.

    Sophos should know that this market follows a seasonal path.

    If this feature will be released in october, partners will have the time to test it and offer it to customers.

    If it will be released in november, partners could offer it to customers hoping that it works as expected.

    If it will be released in december, in most cases partners should offer a different product to customers that's upgrading their infrastructure before the winter season.