[Implemented] Reboot AP - Feature Request

Would be great if when you click into the Access Point there was a "Reboot AP" button to remotely give the AP a restart.


  • Thanks. Created CWIFI-3409 for this.

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    CWIFI-3409 was released. On the AP details page, you have a control panel with the option to reboot an AP. This change requires a firmware update to 1.1.0 .

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    Was this only WiFi or was this also added to the NUTM releases?





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    It appears that only central did get that "feature" - my UTMs are stil not able to reboot the APs.

    And since they want us to move to their new (but certainly not improved) XG I doubt the UTM will ever be able to.

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    This better not be the case, because we will switch vendors before switching to XG units, they just aren't as capable as the UTM 9.x units.  Its a shame they can't get Sophos Central integrated into the UTM 9.x units (SG UTMS).  Hoping they update the UTM 9.x with AP Reboot capabilities.