Sophos Home Premium - Running Sophos Clean from the web management console & PUPs

I'm a bit disappointed with the default behavior of Sophos Clean (as part of Sophos Home Premium).  When initiating a scan from the web management console, I see via Task Manager that the command line arguments contains /clean /pup=ignore /quiet.  Why are PUPs being ignored? 

The reason I find this so irritating is because Sophos Home currently has no automatic scheduled scan, so is it fair to say that PUPs not detected by the on-access scan will never be cleaned automatically?  Is the on access scanner going to clean PUPs from the Windows registry?

The advantage of using Sophos Home over other vendors is the remote management.  So when remote family computers get infected with PUPs (which may not be detectable today, but may be detectable tomorrow), I can't fully clean it remotely, so I'm no better off than using a non-manageable anti-malware product, right?  I don't want to book weekly meetings with family members to use TeamViewer to remotely connect to the computer and initiate a scan from the application GUI...

As a feature request, there needs to be either:

  1. multiple scan options from the web management console (Clean & Clean with PUP detection)
  2. just simply make it scan for everything, including PUPs, by default
  3. make Sophos Clean scan based on the system's current product settings -- so because I have PUP detection turned on (under Protection > General, from the web console) for all my computers, why not have Sophos Clean use that setting by default.  If a user has PUP detection turned off, Sophos Clean won't scan for PUPs.

Option 3 seems like a straight forward code fix that would appease everyone... if real time PUP detection=enabled, then run Sophos Clean scan with PUP detection enabled.

This just seems like common sense to me... but I know from experience that developers don't always look at things the way end-users do.

  • Hi JordanM,

    I can understand your requirements, please raise a case with the Sophos Home support so that they can take this feature request further to the concerned team.

    Note: You can create a ticket from the Sophos Home Dashboard.