Hitman Pro Alert installed with Sophos?

Hello Sophos Community members!

I have been a happy user of Sophos Home (Beta, I suppose) for the past couple of weeks. Today I was going through Windows Task Manager and noticed that there were two different programs running using the HitManPro.alert branding.I know that Sophos purchased Hitman Pro a little while back, but did Sophos end up including elements of Hitman Pro into Sophos Home?


~Spencer Carruth

  • Hello Spencer Carruth,

    including elements of Hitman Pro
    this is the case, they're BTW already included in several products with that name.


  • Hi Spencer, 

    Welcome to Sophos Home Premium,  Yes the Sophos Home includes Hitman Pro which deals with behavioral detections and would remove or block the process which is malicious. Sophos Home Premium would include Sophos AV + Hitman Pro.  

  • In reply to Aditya Patel:

    Will there be the option to run the cleaner at startup or off time via schedule?