and another - can't uninstall without rebooting

I have read all of the unimpressively large number of posts from people who have had this problem. (You'd think they would have corrected it by now.) Unfortunately, the answers are all using registry advice that I am not qualified to follow. I don't know how they are getting to the reports they are getting in the registry. Can someone help me to get passed this loop? I've rebooted three times, and it still won't let me uninstall. I understand that renaming a certain registry has helped some people, but I don't know how they got to that file in the registry.

Thanks for any help. I could not be more frustrated with Sophos.

  • Hi Nielsen, 

    Please follow the below instructions and hopefully it will solve your issue: 

    1. Click on the Start menu (Windows icon)
    2. Type Regedit and click on the utility (Figure 2.PNGattached)
    3. Navigate to the following path by clicking on each folder HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE ---> SOFTWARE ---> WOW6432Node ---> Sophos ---> AutoUpdate ---> UpdateStatus ---> VolatileFlags (Figure 3.PNG attached)
    4. If the path exists, please check the value of the entry and make sure it matches Figure 3.PNG otherwise right click and hit modify and change the value to match the screenshot.
    5. Please navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE --->SYSTEM ---> CurrentControlSet ---> Control ---> Session Manager (Figure 5.PNG attached)
    6. Look for the entry named PendingFileRenameOperations
    7. Right click on the entry and hit rename and add "Old" in front of the current name (Figure 7.PNG attached)

    Please try to uninstall the software now and see if you have any success. Please do not reset your computer after these steps, just go straight to uninstalling. 


    Figure 2


    Figure 3


    Figure 5


    Figure 7

  • In reply to Sam D:

    Thank you! That worked. =) I am most grateful for your helpful and prompt response.