Home Beta - PLEASE remember which tracking cookies I'm happy to leave intact.

PLEASE remember which tracking cookies I've previously told you to ignore. I get RSI going down the list clearing the Delete option for each one, and there are about 25 of them. Big pain in the rear.
  • Hi silvatek,

    You may choose which cookies are needed for your use and choose the option to remove or ignore it. If you decide to scan again it will not remember the choice made previously and will detect the cookies again. 

    Best practice is to scan the system for the first time and keep your system protected by keeping on-access scanning enabled.

  • In reply to Aditya Patel:

    Okay, thanks. There's no need for a regular full system scan, then.
  • In reply to silvatek:

    Hi silvatek ,

    Not at all, you may run once a month if you are using your system very frequently but the real protection comes when you have on-access scanning enabled. 

    This will protect your system if any malicious code runs on your system.