SpiderOakONE running badly - Sophos Home Beta issue?

By backup regime includes SpiderOakONE cloud backup, and after having to recover a small file from backup I realise it's running extremely badly - taking 100% of one logical CPU and taking minutes to hours to do even simple things.

I'm talking to SpiderOAK Support who naturally ask whether my AV (Sophos Home Beta) might be causing the problem. I deactivated Cryptoguard (which might have been picking up the fact that SpiderOakONE encrypts files before uploading them) and I've whitelisted the SpiderOakONE folder in Program Files, but I still have the problem.

Can anyone report running SpiderOakONE successfully alongside Sophos Home Beta, in order to help eliminate it from the equation?

Regards - Philip

  • Hi PhilipLe,

    Could disable the Cyptoguard and Exploit mitigation and check again?

  • In reply to Aditya Patel:

    Turning off cryptoguard was one of the first things I tried, together with whitelisting SpiderOakONE.exe and the folder it uses in AppData, as well as completely disabling antivirus. I haven't tried disabling exploit mitigation, but none of the advanced settings (web browsers, Java apps, office apps, browser plugins and media apps) would seem to apply to a backup app.

    In further exchanges with SpiderOak support they said they'd had users running Sophos who had reported problems but unfortunately not reported back to them how they overcame them.

    However, from further discussions I'm leaning towards the view that Sophos is not the problem, but rather the way I'm using SpiderOakONE. I had it set to back up my Thunderbird mail files every 8 hours, and since it provides no means of limiting the number of historic versions I end up with vast numbers of them, greatly slowing down operations on its internal database - it seems such operations involve significant amounts of crypto and data correlation. Also, whenever it's launched (and I was relaunching it frequently trying different things) it scans the entire backup set, which in my case includes some 32,000 files, including 8,000 photos and music files which rarely  change.

    The problem remains under review but it looks like I will certainly need to find an alternate solution for backing up my emails, at least.

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    Hi PhilipLe

    Ill check this issue on my end and try to run the program and see what workaround could be provided.