yet another scansav.exe question....

I have a desktop and laptop using Sophos.

Both 64bit with Win7.

When I use desktop scansav.exe doesn't show up in my task manager and all is fine.

When I use laptop, for some reason scansav.exe appears on my task manager and as soon as I start using Firefox, it causes problems (scansav.exe using up to 30% cpu and locking the laptop for long periods while it is doing it's business)


I have not (knowingly) set anything different for the laptop and the desktop, so can't understand why the difference?

What can I do about it, please?

I googled it and there is a lot of stuff about scansav.exe causing problems, but none of the suggestions made any sense to me. so I hope someone can help me please.

  • Hi Chris , 

    Could you check if this is the scenario you have experienced?

  • In reply to Aditya Patel:

    Thank you for your reply

    It is very similar indeed, although mine is Win7 and yours (I guess) is Win10?


    1)mine is not Beta and I do not see the "cancel scan" window.

    Just up to 30% CPU usage for scansav.exe *32 and notebook grinding to a halt...

    2)scansav.exe *32 doesn't always start up at the beginning?

    I usually notice it while browsing in Firefox (although I know that correlation is not necessarily causation)


    and just to re-iterate it has never yet happened on my desktop, just laptop?

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    Hi Chris, 

    Ok, Could you try disabling real-time access from our Sophos home dashboard and check if that has reduced the load on your system? 

    Please re-enable it to -re-protect your system.

  • In reply to Aditya Patel:

    If you mean to temporarily disable  "Protects you in real-time from malware and zero day attacks", that was an obvious one, and I have tried it before posting here.

    Didn't make any difference :-(

  • In reply to Chris Kaminski:

    Hi Chris, 

     I would need the logs from your system .

    Please follow the KB and post the sav.txt . 

    when the issue is ongoing enable debug mode and let it run for some time longer would be advisable until the CPU is normal again. This will give us an insight of the file that may have caused this issue.

  • In reply to Aditya Patel:

    Thank you Aditya,

    Instructions seem clear - I will have a go and report back asap.




  • In reply to Chris Kaminski:

    Hi Chris, 

    Sure let us know the results , you may also DM me along with the reference to this thread by providing the link.

  • In reply to Aditya Patel:

    I have changed the registry and set up things as per your instructions.

    Of course, just before I did so, scansav.exe took up to 60% of my cpu freezing things for a while (but I wasn't ready ...)

    Now that I am ready and laptop is re-started nothing is wrong - I am guessing that you are interested in the log from when things are wrong?


    I am not sure I understand your instructions here:

    "...when the issue is ongoing enable debug mode and let it run for some time longer would be advisable until the CPU is normal again..."

    Can you please explain?


    Also - what is DM? I am guessing it is private message?

    I would prefer to do it this way rather than post the stuff on the open forum?

  • In reply to Chris Kaminski:

    Yes DM is the direct message or private message and I would recommend you to follow the KB article mentioned earlier and you may DM your as per the steps mentioned on it and may forward me. Just for the reference DM me the link to this thread.

  • In reply to Aditya Patel:

    Thank you for the clarification.

    I am running on-access driver logging and keeping an eye on things in task manager.

    I have noticed cpu usage occasionally/momentary up to 60% but it has not frozen the laptop since I've been logging.

    I will send you a copy of the log as soon as I get the freeze event.


  • In reply to Chris Kaminski:

    I was just about to send the copy of a log (took long time, but wanted to make sure that all the info was there), then there was some update to Sophos...

    That made bad things go worse - the laptop took forever to get started.

    Couldn't even do task manager to see what was slowing things down.

    In the end solved the problem - it was easy - unistalled Sophos and my laptop is back to normal.