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'WipeGuard' Blocking Setting up Windows 10 Storage Spaces

While attempting setting up Windows 10 Storage Space one two blank hard drives I was stopped by Sophos 'WipeGuard'. I had to close multiple "'WipeGuard' exploit prevented in Storage Spaces Settings" messages which of course resulted in a Error in the setup. I was able to resolve this disabling 'Master Boot Record Protection' and rebooting the PC. 

The PC was running the latest version of Sophos Home at this time (1.2.3 Beta) and Windows 10 1703.

I can see this being very useful for protecting formatted drives or Storage Spaces but was is a pain for setting up blank drives. Also, I had no problem deleting partitions that with data off the same drives.

  • Hi Stem , 

    Yes, We would agree that Wipeguard should be disabled during the setup as it would modify the MBR and with the latest Ransomware attacks, it is needed. After setting up the Hard drives you may enable again to re-protect your system.

    In the long-term, the resolution will be provided as it would be the same for our Enterprise Endpoints and should be logged with a valid support.

  • In reply to Aditya Patel:

    I would like to raise the wipeguard problem as a bug if it is not already. I had to uninstall Sophos in order to perform an Windows 10 ISO create on a new USB, not wishing to mess around with the system security controls. I like Sophos Home a lot but this made me very fed up.