Sophos Home Terminology

Hi Folks,

Sophos Home Help makes reference to 'Computers & Devices'. I don't have a problem with the first of these! But exactly what is meant by 'Devices'? Does this include mobile phones and tablets, for example?

Any feedback welcome.


  • Hello,

    I am a tad concerned not to have had a reply to my question from the forum admin(s). It is now five days since I started this thread.


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    We are looking into it and will update you further.
    Haridoss S
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    Hello Haridoss,

    Another six days have passed and I am no nearer to getting an answer to my original question. I can't understand why this is taking so long.


  • In reply to John Coates:

    Most likely referring to mobile devices and the Help documentation reference could be a copy/carryover from their business products since Sophos Home is based on their business endpoint protection and centralized management features like Sophos Central.  Sophos Home (production version) is not intended to manage mobile devices from the Sophos Home dashboard. I don't know if there are plans to include mobile device management in a future Home paid-for version.


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    Hi Pat,

    Many thanks for your feedback. Not being too familiar with the Sophos portfolio of products, I am struggling to find my way around them as a home user. I suspect that the Help documentation is a carry over from elsewhere. With reference to your last sentence, I look forward to hearing back from Sophos themselves.