I keep getting a pop up "SophosAgent cannot be opened because of a problem". I have deleted everything with sophos in my mac yet this pop up will not go away. There is no uninstaller on my computer, NOTHING associated with this anymore.

Can't get rid of pop up.  I click ignore, report, and it keeps popping up every 5 seconds.  I want it to stop!  

  • Hi Janet, 

    Can you please open Spot Light and search for Remove Sophos Home and see if you can find anything ? There should be a software remover program. 

    If that doesn't produce any result, please consider downloading Sophos Home again, installing it and using the above method to properly remove the software from your machine. 

    Please let us know how you go with this. 

  • Hi Janet , 

    Could try to use our removal tool from our KB article . 


  • Janet,

    When you install Sophos Home on a Mac, a great uninstaller program named Remove Sophos home is is also installed.  This will cleanly remove Sophos Home from you mac.

    Since you manually deleted Sophos Home, download it again from Sophos and reinstall it.  Then, look for Remove Sophos Home (a Sophos package with a red X).  That application will clearly remove the entire Sophos Home installation.  That includes removing the Remove Sophos Home uninstall application.