SOPHOS Premium Home Beta For Mac

My normal SOPHOS Home seems to have updated itself to Premium Home Beta

Don't know how that happened as I didn't do it

I also thought that Premium was for Windows only

By the looks of Premium it seems to be all web based now with no local control, is that correct?

  • Hi Bev, 

    The update for Mac just rolled out this morning. You will have access to most features currently available on Windows. 

    You will still see the result of scans or threats on the mini dashboard after clicking S icon but any sort of device management / configuration is done through the dashboard (website). 


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    Thanks Saman

    It just updated itself which I wasn't expecting

    Do you have any idea of cost for the Premium for Mac ?

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    Hi Bev, 

    There isn't a defined cost for the public at the moment but you will benefit from 1 year of free premium product upon the official launch for being part of the Beta program so i don't think if that is something you need to worry about at the current time. 

    Hope this information helps. 

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    Ok thanks so much Saman

    Can I ask if the Premium uses Auto Update for Updates of threats? and approximately how often does it check for updates?

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    Hi Bev, 

    Sophos Home provides both on-access protection and signature based protection. On-access is a behavioral based protection to protect you against for example 0 day threats that are not known yet. The second part (signature based) protects you against known malware. I believe these updates are pushed by Sophos into your client when necessary. 

    I hope that answered your question. 

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    Super thanks Saman

    Just one little problem...  after a restart or shut down the SOPHOS Shield is missing from the menu bar

    I've searched all over the web and found a lot to do with the '' file but that file doesn't seem to be installed with the new Premium

    I have checked the Activity Monitor and SOPHOS is actually running but, of course, I can't use the other features without the SOPHOS Shield appearing

    It's probably something to do with this being a Beta but any help would be much appreciated

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    I'm experiencing a similar problem. After reboot there is an empty space between symbols in the menu bar, when you click on this empty space (which is where the Sophos symbol should be because I arranged the icons that way) the Sophos symbol appears. Seems to be a displaying bug.

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    Super thanks s_rosenthaler

    I've clicked on the 'space' and now the icon appears, perfect

    Yes must just be a display bug

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    I think we have to wait for 2.0.1 :-)

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    Hi Guys, 

    Any chance i can collect your maC OS versions just to try and replicate the issue ?

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    macOS High Sierra 10.13.1

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    Hi Saman

    Yes I'm the same:  macOS High Sierra 10.13.1

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    Thanks guys, i will look into this. 

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    This is a known issue and the development team is working on it. Essentially there is a short delay between the app startup and the UI (specifically the icon here) being updated. 

    Hope this helps guys ! 

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    Super stuff Saman thanks for letting us know  ; )