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Hi.  I just recently started using Sophos on my Mac.  I am trying to find where it says the last time a scan was run and what the status of it was.  I see events, but that doesn't really give the scan status.  The home software window says I'm secure, but it always says that and even said that before I did my first scan.  Is there a place where it clearly states the date/time and status of the last scan?  Thanks!  Dee Ann

  • Hi  

    For Windows :

    The following log will contain the details that you are looking for.

    C:\ProgramData\Sophos\Sophos Anti-Virus\logs\SAV.txt.

    For Mac:

    1. Spotlight search for "Console"
    2. When Console is highlighted in the list, hit enter. Console will now automatically open.

    3. On the left menu, click /Library/Logs to expand. Click Sophos Anti-Virus.log to open the Sophos Home log.

    Hope it helps

  • In reply to Gowtham Mani:

    Thanks, Gowtham.  This really helped!  The actual name of the folders/files with the scan information was slightly different, however.  Instead of Sophos Anti-Virus.log, it is Sophos Anti-Virus, then Full system scan, then the actual files for each scan with a date/time in the name.  When I opened up the most recent file, it gave me all the information I was looking for.  The Sophos Anti-Virus.log file was also there further down, but it just showed things like software updates and policy actions and nothing about scans.

    Also, on Sophos Home, it says that the Full Scan complete with 0 threats found.  It didn't say this before after my first two scans because (I'm assuming) those scans were aborted (by user, apparently) after running for 15 hours and 22 hours.  I found this out only by reading the scan report in the Full system scan folder.  But my latest scan ran under 3 hours, so I'm doing something right now.


    Thanks for all of your help!

    Dee Ann