Sophos Home sometimes block my Internet

I'm using a free Sophos Home for Mac,

When I'm using my Mac with Sophos Home, sometimes (like 4/5 times a day) when I using any web browser such as Safari, Chrome and Firefox, I loose the Internet (not wifi signal) and when I uninstall the Sophos, the Internet immediately comes, so that point me that the problems is with Sophos,


Another way to fix this is without uninstalling the Sophos, but restarting the Mac, but the problem will be repeated sooner or later

  • Any one...?


    The support team?


  • In reply to Mitko G:

    Hi Mitko ,

    It would seem an issue not related to our product. 

    You may check by troubleshooting the steps mentioned below.

    Step1: Conduct a Ping test from your terminal to your gateway router. You may check the configuration to see if you are still connected to your WIFI modem. 

    Step 2: If you encounter the issue again, check if the ping request is consistent or not.

    Step 3: If Step 2 have no issue then you may simply ping and check if that is consistent or not.

  • In reply to Aditya Patel:

    The issue is with your software Sophos, when the problem occur I open the Activity Monitor and Force Quit the process called SophosWebIntelligence

    And immediately the problem is fix ... till the next time

  • In reply to Mitko G:

    HI Mitko,

    Could you share the SDU logs for the same to analyze them, You may retrieve the SDU logs and upload onto any shared drive and share the link via private message me along with the Link to this thread as a reference to the issue.

    To fetch the SDU logs kindly follow the KB article.