Generic PUA JD detected in caches find out more goes to page not found?

I keep getting a re-occuring detection of a Generic PUA JD on my school Mac - /Users/xxxxxx/Library/Caches/CloudKit/

If I click on "Learn more" in Sophos it takes me to a Sophos web page with the error  sorry page not found etc..

Any idea what this is? is this an iCloud synced desktop thing? maybe I need to check my studio Mac's? I only have Sophos on my School Mac.

  • Hi Alan , 

    It would seem a PUA detected you may need to follow the path via Finder and remove the file if needed. May simply ignore it as it does no harm to your system.

  • In reply to Aditya Patel:

    Thanks for the quick Aditya,

    maybe I didn't explain it well enough, I can remove/clean the infected files but they simply re-appear . This happened several times a day! I presume it's something to do with icloud sync, the caches are being detected each time they are synced form the icloud. So the problem lies on another computer the cloud is being synced from? 

  • In reply to Alan Branch:

    Hi Alan , 

    I would first recommend you to remove the backup from Icloud and run the system scan on your devices.