New Sophos Home product and sign-in page launched!

Hi everyone! We've recently launched an update to our Sophos Home landing page. In addition to a refreshed look-and-feel, we've also combined the product and the sign-in pages into one, making product information overall easier to find and search engine friendly.

Let us know what you think on the Sophos Home forums, or if you run into any issues.

Thank you!

  • I WANT TO RESTORE OLD DASHBOARD (Sophos Home) After Sign In Beta Product  

  • Did you run into any issues or problems with the beta?

    You can opt-out of the beta anytime by clicking your name on the top right hand corner and selecting "Settings", then in the Beta Program section, click "Leave Beta". The page will refresh and you will see the current version of Dashboard again.

  • Hi, I cannot login to my Sophos-account via the Sophos Home landing page. Ik says the email address or my password is incorrect. But as you can see I havel logged in via the normal Sophos startpage with the same email address and password. Can ouy help me?