Adjusting Spam Detection Levels in Email Security Policy

We just switched from a different Mail Gateway appliance to Sophos Central mail gateway and since the switch, the amount of spam getting through to our users has increased dramatically.

Is there anyway to lower the threshold for what Sophos considers spam and sends to quarantine?  We already have Confirmed and Suspected spam going to quarantine but I didn't see any way to adjust the sensitivity of the spam filter like we could on our old appliance.


  • Hey Damien,


    Unfortunately there is no way to tweak or fine tune the spam scoring to action accordingly. Provided you are doing the normal checks (SPF, detecting BULK mail, etc) is it possible to PM a few of the original email samples that are making it through?


    Please send these emails as an .eml file and I'll see if I can recommend any changes or at least get this sent to our labs team to mitigate these in the future.

  • In reply to Ry Guy:

    Thanks for the reply.  We are doing all of the normal checks as well.  I will PM you some samples as I receive them in .eml format.


    Thanks again

  • In reply to Damien Fulmer:

    Thanks  I replied to your PM with some details. Hope that helps explain the majority of these:)