Active DIrectory Sync Setup - Sophos Credentials Invalid


I am trying to setup the Active Directory Sync Tool in our domain to import the users and groups for the email component. When I go through the setup and get to the Finish button I get an error saying my Sophos credentials are invalid. I have validated the email and credentials several times, and am logged into the Portal.

I am a Partner Admin in our Sophos Console, and we have several clients under our umbrella. We have not yet applied a license to the client we are attempting to implement. Is this the cause or is there something else we need to do or credentials that must be used.



  • Hi Dan,

    The credentials need to be the credentials of a user in your customer's Central Admin. (The same credentials used to log into  Using partner credentials will result in the AD Sync tool not knowing which account to import the users to.  The minimum permissions required for the user is "Admin" and MFA must be disabled for the AD Sync account.