Virus Detection Sophos Engine vs. Eset

Hi all !

Has anybody same problem ? We use on linux mailserver two engines Sophos Engine and Eset Engine, first is Sophos and second Eset. Unfortunatelly 95% infected mails is drop and stop Eset antivirus... Results on mail header from Sophos is still Clean (Sophos engine version: - but sometime Sophos help - is running correctly for example when i try send eicar for testing.

Second question : has anybody trick for testing sending mail with virus ?

When i need test if our Sophos and Eset engines running correctly and actually knew viruses - which i send to Eset Labs for adding to detect databases. I cannot send mail with this from GMAIL or other freemails - they actually knew viruses and i cannot attach this files ... maybe it's not for obvious reasons of abuse ...

Have a nice day Vaclav