Unknown user setting in Central Email

How is an "Unknown user" or "No User Available" handled in Central Email?

Is there a "CatchAll" setting somewhere so I can designate all incoming emails that don't have legitimate recipients go to?

  • Open a gmail or yahoo email up and send a fake user email to your domain and see what happens. 


    Also and because I am curious on the outcome here, are you hosting your own email servers internally or do you have Office 365 setup with a site relay?  

  • Did you ever get this working? I've raised a ticket for the same issue but don't have a response yet.

  • In reply to jamesharper:

    Its not possible to use a catch all in Central.

    Central uses the creation of mailboxes as a recipient verification. So called, is the user existing, Central will accept the mail. 

    You should think about a import of your mail boxes. 

    There are currently AD Sync, CSV or manual creation possible. 

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    That's a shame. Importing the mailboxes isn't possible as they don't exist - it's a support mailbox and all email for that domain (eg *@support.thedomain.com) gets routed to a single mailbox.

    Thanks for confirming though.


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    So this mailbox still exists? You could create this mailbox as a Public folder / distribution list? 

    That´s the point behind public folders / distribution lists. And you can create them via CSV import, if you have multiple such mail addresses. 


    The catch all function would be helpful for migration propose, if you have no clue, what mailboxes are in use by your old solution - I agree on that. But if you have a proper setup, you should know, which mail boxes are in used in your company and should be able to export them via CSV and simply import them into Central. Just my personal opinion on that matter.