How to use Exchange shared mailboxes in Central Email

Dear all,

I was wondering how should be treated Exchanged shared mailboxes as they are not really user, neither distribution list or Public Folder.

If they are added as users, I guess that it will probably count a user licence which is not really the case.

Also, there are no way to synch them with the AD tool as the users are deactivated so they have to be setup manually which is a bit a pain when you have many aliases and that you add some aliases from time to time as they should be added twice (Exchange and Sophos).

Shared mailboxes are quite used a lot in 0365 and Exchange.

Thanks for your feedback.

Mathieu Rousseaux

  • Hello MathieuRousseaux

    Please take a look at the Mailboxes entry 

    Regarding license count, find more info in the Licensing section of this article 

    The available options for adding mailboxes to Sophos Email are listed here


  • In reply to Barb@Sophos:

    Dear Barb,

    Thanks for your answer, but I've read these already and that doesn't help much on how to treat shared mailboxes.

    I've added them by import with all the aliases as users at the moment, but as I said, it counted what Sophos call a "Specific user" licence.

    These mailboxes are not real users as they are info@, quote@,... used by more than one people.

    Also, As I said, they are neither distribution list or Public folders.



  • In reply to MathieuRousseaux:

    Hi MathieuRousseaux,

    You should be able to use the Distribution List option when manually adding the shared mailbox, and it will not count against the license. (However, if you see the license usage increasing , it could be related to a known-issue, in which case, please file a case with support so that they can further assist - Reference XGE-1377  //XGE-7128). If you contact support, please provide the ticket number so that we can follow-up.  

    Please let me know the outcome.