Some Sophos services are not running/missing

I have at least 20% of the computers on my network now reporting "Some Sophos services are not running/missing"

This was not the case 2 weeks ago, and invariably it is "Sophos System Protection Service is not started".

This involves a visit to that computer, pushing the user out of the way, running "Services" as administrator, which then involves typing the admin password under a user's nose.

I am sure this is not how Sophos Central is meant to work. It is highly inconvenient, and at worst liable for a security breach.

How do I start these services remotely ?

I could log in through Remote Desktop, but this would Log Out the User

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    Seen that one, and Network Threat Protection.


    Jak is obviously extremely knowledgeable and I'm sure there's a technical fix for all these different instances, but the point is that it shouldn't be such hard work to keep this product in good shape.

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    I agree about Jak.  My issues are with sophos as a whole.  I understand there are bad builds and bugs in software, but these issues have been happening for over 4 months now.  How long does it take to fix?

  • We Migrated close to 500 Clients, However around 10 % Had this Error.

    We then fixed doing a remote connect to Services.msc of affected Computers. However It seems to not resolve on the  Multiple computers.

    2 Major issues we are facing now

    1. One or More Services are Missing 


    Any Thoughts ?

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    You're going to continue having these errors until Sophos fixes their software.  I was told a new client is coming out 11/18 after that if we see these same garbage issues we'll start getting our money back and cancelling the contract for cause.  

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    For the Device Control service not starting with that error this might help:

    It is dependant on the Sophos Anti-Virus service but from the service list I can see that that is started.  I can only perhaps assume that running:
    sc query savonaccess 
    will show that the on-access driver is not running?

    The Sophos Web Intelligence service can be added back by:


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    Another Windows Update, another week of fixing this issue.  ARGH!!

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    Well SO Many Roll Outs so Very Often.. You Work on the Previous Bugs and there is a New Update knocking with its own Bag of Bugs...

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    Here is just a fraction of some of the "bad" agents status I have at the moment...

    What is going on with this product? This is madness. I've literally spent hours fixing these things and they break all over again. 


    Missing Services:


    Reporting Malware Incorrectly 


    Completely not responding anymore (Have about 4 of these, need to be completely uninstalled and reinstalled)