Issues with server protection on file server

Has anyone seen any issues with Sophos Central on file servers? 

We moved from on the on premises version of Sophos to the Sophos Cloud version.  When I updated our main file servers we started running into an issue where a server would stop serving files after a while (a few hours on the most active one/two weeks on another).  When on the desktop of the server everything seems fine. No CPU/memory/disk issue, \\server\share works fine locally.  

Remotely \\server\share just hangs for 30+ seconds until the connection times out.   Nothing seems to get the server running again except rebooting the whole thing.  It will then work fine for a while then break.   I can't find anything the event log or Sophos logging to point me in the direction of what is breaking.  

After I uninstalled Sophos on the busiest server the issue hasn't returned.  


Has anyone run into anything similar? 


I do have a ticket created with support.  At this point they just want me to test disabling features one by one until I can narrow the problem down.  I am trying to recreate the issue without needing actual users traffic.  I personally suspect the Cryptoguard (Intercept X?) since that is the part that is also causing us grief on the client side.

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    Hi Greg,

    Yes, I do have an update for you. Progress is being made and the testing of this fix (and several other fixes) is now complete and a build is underway. Following our standard rollout process, this will be released to Sophos internal servers first, prior to being rolled out to customer product lines. Unfortunately I don't have firm dates yet, but I anticipate Sophos Enterprise Console managed servers receiving the fix within the next few weeks, with Sophos Central managed servers receiving the fix thereafter.

    We are due to release a Sophos Central Early Access Program (EAP) containing new features for Windows Servers next week. The current plan is to include the fix for this issue in a planned EAP “refresh” release next month, and then to the generally available product in the July timeframe. So while the timeline for the fix is not immediate, there is light at the end of the tunnel. I appreciate that you have been waiting for this fix for some time now.



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    I see there is a new update for servers out on Sophos Central.   Is this the update that contains our fix?  


    Version 1.5.6 Update
    HitManPro.Alert (CryptoGuard) has been updated to address a customer issue.

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    Hi GregBeck,

    I am following up with the appropriate groups in order to confirm if that's the fix you need.  

    I will update this post as soon as I get the info. 

    Thank you very much for your patience, 



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    Hi GregBeck,
    Here's the latest information regarding this fix: 
    Unfortunately, The Central Server v1.5.6 release - "HitManPro.Alert (CryptoGuard) has been updated to address a customer issue." - did not include the fix for this specific issue you are referring to.
    The development of the solution for the issue you are experiencing is almost complete, but it has not yet been released as it requires additional testing.
    The current plan is to include this fix via the Early Access Program, but we do not have the exact dates as to when will that EAP version become available right now (the desired time frame is the next couple of weeks, but this can change).  
    The expected official release for the fix is on-plan for mid July (subject to change based on further testing) .
    Please let me know if you have any additional questions. 
    We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding.