Endpoint Install Failing. 404

Just did an Endpoint install on a test machine that failed. While I have some Sophos services installed, endpoint itself isn't running yet. Upon checking the Central console for this machine, I see several copies of this error:

Download of WindowsCloudNextGen failed from server http:∕∕dci.sophosupd.com∕update.

When I browse to that URL in my browser, I get a 404 page. That seems... bad. Or is that normal?

Before I call support, I'd like to make sure I am barking up the right tree. Is this what is stopping Endpoint from getting properly installed and running?





  • That is expected, the Sophos AutoUpdate trace log would be the best place to start:


    Maybe you can share that? 



  • In reply to jak:

    Hi Jak, 

    Why is the failure expected? 

    After leaving the office Sophos magically appeared. It seems we have a known issue with SonicWALL firewalls. No dull moments!

  • In reply to Chris Kasten:

    http://dci.sophosupd.com will say hello just as a basic test.

    http://dci.sophosupd.com/update will return 404, nothing is pulled from that specific location by AutoUpdate.

    I assume the SophosUpdate.log would should that one of the .dat files was unable to be downloaded.  Pasting that same url into a browser would probably have given you a message from SonicWall saying the file was blocked.