Sophos Central - Endpoint Advanced Agent installs very slow (almost an hour!)

I just created a trial account on Sophos Central and downloaded Sophos Central Endpoint Protection Advanced agent. (16-17MB)

It has been 60 minutes and the installation process is still going on. This is not normal. I have reasonable internet speed and avarage computer so performance or internet are not on the table.

On the other hand i have 40 computers those wait for installation. 

Is there any other option to install it like offline setup file or just install the product without updating at installation stage.


Thank You.

  • Hi Erdem,

    You can deploy a complete installer by following the following article.



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    i klnow this is an old Post. But actually i am installing a client on a server.
    When i do some speedtest on the internet there are no performance issues.
    But the installation now runs since nearly one hour (Sophos Update Log):

    2017-08-18T13:39:03.145Z [ 5368] INFO SUL-Log [I19463] Syncing product WindowsCloudServer RECOMMENDED path=
    2017-08-18T13:39:05.240Z [ 5368] INFO SUL-Log [I19463] Product download size 130968332 bytes
    2017-08-18T13:39:05.242Z [ 5368] INFO SUL-Log [I19464] Syncing file 4c0b903495ffca9ecc11005845d1838ax000.dat: 333 bytes: escdp.dat
    2017-08-18T13:39:05.291Z [ 5368] INFO SUL-Log [I19464] Syncing file a3d0e7b3f513115bf1b61a365a23895fx000.dat: 1112 bytes: order.xml
    2017-08-18T13:39:05.341Z [ 5368] INFO SUL-Log [I19464] Syncing file 3ef04b1c4bad2e221ab8bdb7ce5bb803x000.dat: 5 bytes: version
    2017-08-18T13:39:05.389Z [ 5368] INFO SUL-Log [I19464] Syncing file 2c59189533650b1976cfdd55bbfba96bx000.dat: 57 bytes: savxp/SAVCFG/savcfg.json
    2017-08-18T13:39:05.438Z [ 5368] INFO SUL-Log [I19464] Syncing file 6b610b3a5a69a1d64d3cc4adf9f9efc9x000.dat: 2880 bytes: savxp/SAVCFG/savcfg.manifest.dat
    2017-08-18T13:39:05.488Z [ 5368] INFO SUL-Log [I19464] Syncing file ae60231336f7add5715e31f568e82cc6x000.dat: 4344 bytes: ssp64/manifest.dat
    2017-08-18T13:39:05.538Z [ 5368] INFO SUL-Log [I19464] Syncing file 1615f66585834683bd99d930c52c6c85x000.dat: 810032 bytes: ssp64/Setup.dll
    2017-08-18T13:39:10.415Z [ 5368] INFO SUL-Log [I19464] Syncing file be2fcbbec4e7ee0f5a09b7363919a1f6x000.dat: 1794048 bytes: ssp64/SophosSystemProtection.msi
    2017-08-18T13:39:30.113Z [ 5368] INFO SUL-Log [I19464] Syncing file 410506d87f07af40880be50262c2d6c4x000.dat: 996240 bytes: ssp64/Sophos/Sophos Data Recorder/SDRService.exe
    2017-08-18T13:39:36.635Z [ 5368] INFO SUL-Log [I19464] Syncing file 7d541288b4f61e5c1af3f0409ad20808x000.dat: 27 bytes: ssp64/Sophos/Sophos Data Recorder/configuration/config.dat
    2017-08-18T13:39:36.728Z [ 5368] INFO SUL-Log [I19464] Syncing file 7566a8cba5ca2e3f73aee43ea47ff89bx000.dat: 1754 bytes: ssp64/Sophos/Sophos System Protection/integrity.dat
    2017-08-18T13:39:36.777Z [ 5368] INFO SUL-Log [I19464] Syncing file b0580bea1f719143653bda5880d14c09x000.dat: 19523 bytes: ssp64/Sophos/Sophos System Protection/NOTICE.txt
    2017-08-18T13:39:36.827Z [ 5368] INFO SUL-Log [I19464] Syncing file 9cf371c82e1f78f47bc41dbe4bbc6d23x000.dat: 2871 bytes: ssp64/Sophos/Sophos System Protection/scf.dat
    2017-08-18T13:39:36.876Z [ 5368] INFO SUL-Log [I19464] Syncing file c07bb5ffb85e64df1ab67e17188df22fx000.dat: 5366040 bytes: ssp64/Sophos/Sophos System Protection/ssp.exe
    2017-08-18T13:43:05.757Z [ 5368] INFO SUL-Log [I19464] Syncing file c574d3a72fe1ba362a27574785e5a9e7x000.dat: 635936 bytes: ssp64/Sophos/Sophos System Protection/SspAdapter.dll
    2017-08-18T13:43:10.517Z [ 5368] INFO SUL-Log [I19464] Syncing file 6052c4a940758c9020cd4a5897364fedx000.dat: 385552 bytes: ssp64/Sophos/Sophos System Protection/TelemetryPlugin.exe
    2017-08-18T13:43:11.399Z [ 5368] INFO SUL-Log [I19464] Syncing file 06a7397c712558cb0be14d8636b4cb75x000.dat: 144 bytes: ssp64/Sophos/Sophos System Protection/Config/EPH.conf
    2017-08-18T13:43:11.716Z [ 5368] INFO SUL-Log [I19464] Syncing file 479e0a23ddeda56ca062890df90b2d97x000.dat: 184 bytes: ssp64/Sophos/Sophos System Protection/Config/PIA.conf
    2017-08-18T13:43:11.769Z [ 5368] INFO SUL-Log [I19464] Syncing file 18dd09caec82132909c2c6d08fa0536bx000.dat: 386 bytes: ssp64/Sophos/Sophos System Protection/Config/SSP.conf
    2017-08-18T13:43:11.819Z [ 5368] INFO SUL-Log [I19464] Syncing file b6a61156ebee4574858009a6d5ca8e94x000.dat: 117 bytes: ssp64/Sophos/Sophos System Protection/Config/SXA.conf
    2017-08-18T13:43:11.872Z [ 5368] INFO SUL-Log [I19464] Syncing file e69719d09975fbc414523d962f3384a0x000.dat: 1054 bytes: ssp64/Sophos/Sophos System Protection/Config/Rules/RCA-binary-load.dat
    2017-08-18T13:43:11.923Z [ 5368] INFO SUL-Log [I19464] Syncing file b8f1f76d5072ebd111639c3a5c97e17dx000.dat: 229872 bytes: ssp64/Sophos/Sophos System Protection/Config/Rules/rules.bin

    --- Snip ----


    2017-08-18T14:40:49.339Z [ 5368] INFO SUL-Log [I19464] Syncing file 3953090aa7d63137811380786452ad2ax000.dat: 609968 bytes: ntp64/Sophos/Sophos Network Threat Protection/bin/navl.dll
    2017-08-18T14:40:57.345Z [ 5368] INFO SUL-Log [I19464] Syncing file d60aa9ffb6260e2b46747338ba52cf2bx000.dat: 150704 bytes: ntp64/Sophos/Sophos Network Threat Protection/bin/NTPAdapter.dll
    2017-08-18T14:41:02.959Z [ 5368] INFO SUL-Log [I19464] Syncing file 76e45801d0b53c7dff2d2ab43d4ec98bx000.dat: 18181 bytes: ntp64/Sophos/Sophos Network Threat Protection/bin/
    2017-08-18T14:41:03.794Z [ 5368] INFO SUL-Log [I19464] Syncing file 01f9b821607699c508806bbe5970661fx000.dat: 1943 bytes: ntp64/Sophos/Sophos Network Threat Protection/bin/Sntp.inf
    2017-08-18T14:41:03.848Z [ 5368] INFO SUL-Log [I19464] Syncing file c42fab4268d881dfb28cf6e0afcee14cx000.dat: 16378 bytes: ntp64/Sophos/Sophos Network Threat Protection/bin/
    2017-08-18T14:41:04.195Z [ 5368] INFO SUL-Log [I19464] Syncing file c2d26667aa0e4ea62bfd236c0153a0cdx000.dat: 123848 bytes: ntp64/Sophos/Sophos Network Threat Protection/bin/Sntp.sys
    2017-08-18T14:41:06.577Z [ 5368] INFO SUL-Log [I19464] Syncing file 446a12033897f31ed845362864e4019cx000.dat: 925824 bytes: ntp64/Sophos/Sophos Network Threat Protection/bin/SntpService.exe

    and is not finished at all.

    Are there any throttling policys in central? We do not want to build a custom full installer.



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    There is throttling.

    You could check that.



  • In reply to jak:

    Seems that helped. Perhaps i can validate on an other installation in the upcoming weeks

  • In reply to Neil_Evolve:

    Hi Neil,

    Thanks for this. I am after this post too (121318) however Sophos seem to have removed it?

    Are you aware of a similar post? Or where to go next with this?

    We have the exact same problem / situation and this post was really helpful a few months ago...

    Thank you.

    Best, Ian F.

  • In reply to Ian Fletcher:

    Hi Ian,

    Central now uses a "thin" installer. With this you could set an update cache and the installer should install from the update cache, so no need to build a full installer. Also, the thin installer allows you the option to set a proxy, so no more worrying about firewalls.

    More information can be found here;

    Hope this helps.

  • In reply to Neil_Evolve:

    Hi Neil,

    This did help - much appreciated.

    The update cache is basically an on-site server - is that right? Rather than updating directly from Sophos Central / the cloud?

    Cheers again!


    Best, Ian F.

  • In reply to Ian Fletcher:

    Hi Ian,

    That's correct, an update cache is a server that is configured to host an update cache.

    Servers>Settings>Update caches>Choose whichever server you wish and select the option to enable the cache. This can take a little while, but once it's completed clients should start to use it.


  • In reply to Neil_Evolve:

    I just want to make it clear that the decision to "remove" the option to create an "offline" installer is completely idiotic.

    There are cases where an offline installation is the only option, or the only option that makes sense.  

    Not to mention that Sophos just makes changes without notifying their customers that those changes will BREAK their existing installers.  


    Completely inexcusable.

  • In reply to David Anderson:

    I completely agree about the inability to create/utilize a completely offline installer. 

  • In reply to bit_plumber:


    I also concur with what others are saying. But we are talking to no one. They really do not care...obviously.

    Installing an endpoint today...and the installer has been running for 30 min. And I am still waiting for it to complete. "Insert lots of swear words here"

    In the mean time, user is unable to do any WORK. Brilliant.

    So now the answer is>>> lets install MORE Sophos stuff to speed things up...but that will also take awhile. So in the mean time...Hurry up and WAIT.

    This product no longer deserves any of my time...PERIOD. 

    Endpoint Installation. Finally finished and it took 23 min. Then we log into the Central and what do we see??

    3:16PM Update succeeded.

    3:24PM Updating failed because WindowsCloudNextGen is missing.


    Absolute garbage.


  • In reply to Howiedog:

    Just to give a feedback from our side.
    At the moment we install all our clients with a script and the universal installer.
    We do not have the issues i mentioned earlier. So at the moment it is ok for us.

  • In reply to benny4982:

    Hi Everyone,

    Please vote the existing feature request for offline installer if you would like to bring it back.