Re-register computer issue - no tamper protection password

We have just started using Sophos Cloud. A computer was registered using a link from the wrong persons email. We deleted that computer from the Cloud. Now we cannot re-register that computer because of tamper protection on that computer. We cannot get the password because the computer has been deleted. Is there a way to retrieve the password after to computer has been deleted? Is there a way to uninstall without the password? This is version 11.2.5 Cloud

  • Hello Aditya.

    I too am facing the same issue where I deleted the computer from my computer group and unable to obtain the Tamper Protection password to uninstall it from my mac. Help would be appreciated.



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    Hello Aditya.


    I also have a Mac to that has been deleted form Sophos Central, and now I don't have the Temper password to remove and reinstall the client on it.


    Can you please send me the instructions too?





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    Hello Aditya

    Could you DM me the steps as well? I have a Mac, that has been deleted in Sophos Central, and cannot remove Endpoint now without the TamperProtectionPassword.

    All other suggested solutions didn't work for me.

    Many Thanks :)

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    Hope this Helps.

    In Sophos Central Dashboard - Navigate to the below You would seen an option to Recover Deleted Items Tamper Protection. This feature has been recently added where you see a list of deleted computer of the past.