Sophos Central Endpoint and SEC: Computers fail/hang on boot after the Microsoft Windows April 9, 2019 update. Please follow knowledge base article 133945

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Sophos Central in a Citrix environment...XENs keep re-protecting


I'll try be as clear as possible as some of the work is out sourced to a 3rd party so haven't got the full information but will provide what I can.

In our organisation we have a Citrix environment which takes from a gold image then pushes out that image to a couple of xen servers.

The problem is, each server every night registers as night as a new server again and I have numerous "example-xen-01" in my Sophos Central.

I followed the below on the gold image which I thought was the correct process for not letting this happen.

Could someone point in the direction of where I have gone wrong?

  • Hi  

    Please have a look at this article and let me know if it helps. 

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    This is exactly what I'm looking for. Just confused a little by  point 7 if you can help

    In the same Config folder, edit the file registration.txt. If this file does not exist, create one accordingly with the following information:


    • [McsClient]

    In the first bullet point am I leaving it as is or putting in the computers name?

    In the second bullet point am I replacing "your_token_code" with the token  mentioned in step 6?


    Thanks for your help

  • In reply to DM85:


    You will need to create a .txt file and name it "registration". The file should contain the following: 

    	<registrationToken> Enter your registration token here you obtained from step 6 </registrationToken>