Federate Sign In

With the recent article on setting up Federation with 365 and Central, I gave it a go following it -> https://community.sophos.com/kb/en-us/133433

So i linked my 365 customers with the link provided in the article (Link) which worked and is logged in Azure Audit Logs as Consenting to the Application. Come back to Central and we need to go to Global Settings to enable Federated Sign In, however this setting is non-existent on the portal. I log in as a partner super admin and its not there, drop to a super admin and its not there, check a termed account and a monthly account and still not there.

Has anybody else given this a go and managed to find this setting?

  • Hi  

    Thank you for your post. This new feature is applicable to Sophos Central Admin portal and Sophos Enterprise Admin portals only. This is not introduced to partner portal logins yet and hence cannot be used with them.