Sophos Web Intelligence Service - missing (service disabled)

We have a problem with Central client: Sophos Web Intelligence Service is reported as missing.

If I check in services I can see that service is disabled and cannot be started.

I already did unistall, reboot, fresh install (its all OK for few minutes)

We have several other computers that are working OK


Thank you!

  • Hello KingRolo ,

    Please try these steps (Ensure Tamper protection is disabled, and that you are using an Admin account):

    A Service is reported as Stopped and Startup Type is Disabled

    If that doesn't help, follow the section for A Service is reported as Missing

    Please let us know the outcome.


  • In reply to Barb@Sophos:


    First I had to change  registry value for swi_service:


    Start value from 4 to 2


    Then I had to re-register service with CMD command: 

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Sophos\Sophos Anti-Virus\Web Intelligence\swi_service.exe" /registerService
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Sophos\Sophos Anti-Virus\Web Intelligence\swi_service.exe" /update


    Service then started and Sophos Health reported all services green, while in Central its still reporting:

     Missing: Sophos Web Intelligence Service



    Miha Kralj

  • In reply to KingRolo:

    Hello KingRolo,

    If all is green, but there are discrepancies between what's going on and what is central seeing, I suggest to try these steps:

        Disable the Tamper Protection (if enabled).
        Go to services.msc and stop the Sophos Health Service.
        Browse to the following folder:

        C:\ProgramData\Sophos\Health\Event Store\Database

        Rename events.db to events.orig.
        Restart the Sophos Health Service.
        Open the Task Manager and end the Sophos UI.exe process.
        Launch a new Sophos UI.exe process from:

        C:\Program Files\Sophos\Sophos UI.exe

    Re-enable Tamper Protection.

    Please let me know the outcome.