Contents of DLP CCL

Hi all. 

I'm designing a policy that is likely to be made available for multiple customers (we're using Enterprise Dashboard in an educational setting - several hundred clients) for DLP.

In order to understand the use cases, I'm trying to dig into each rule for the UK to ascertain exactly what is being matched, but quite a few of these are pretty vague.  In my testing of this, I'm thus unable to trigger some of the rules as I don't quite know what's being looked for by the DLP engine.

An example is the Personal Sensitive data (UK) CCL.  The description is "Specially sensitive information such as ethnicity" ... but doesn't say what ELSE it covers, or what is matched in the ethnicity category. I'm using the current Generic CCL test data file.

Checked the website, asked my account manager and no joy yet ... 


  • Hi  

    Predefined CCL is text based information within a structured or unstructured document, it depends on the information and rule that you have configured for DLP for each and every category. However if you are looking for this particular rule creation, I will check with my team and shall get back to you for any specific information.