Sophos Central Services Missing

Hey All,


Perhaps someone can make sense of this, I keep getting errors like there and it doesn't make sense.

Image 1)Web Control Services Missing, Why would this say that ? The policies aren't enabled for this device. But all of a sudden services are missing ?

It seems only after a manual update from central fixed this , but rebooted several times before ???


Below Image :

Real time protection disabled , This is on a different PC , If its disabled how safe is this device ? Why would it say re-install protection software ?

The below is just an example of sometime what I see, For users that have had some of those installed before, But after now and then the tick disappears and gets replaced with a plus ? Why would i just uninstall it ?

Another issue I have is when I get an alert saying encryption has been suspended, After its been encrypted and installed ?

When this happens I do to the policies and its automatically moved the user from the right hand pane to the left for selection ?


You're assistance and input would be much appreciated, I feel the wording is incorrect in some of thee alerts.

  • Hi  

    Services missing or not running usually means that a component has failed to install or update. In some cases, the Operating System or some other third party application may interfere with Sophos services. There can be many reasons for this service missing alert you are receiving. For Web control service missing, please check this article and see if it helps you. For real time protection disabled message, have you acknowledged the alert if all the services are running of that particular endpoint? The Real-time protection disabled event may have resolved itself (it could have been either a timing issue, or a reboot fixed it.)

    If the device status goes green after acknowledging the alert then it is fine, if not, please check if there are any other events such as services not started, malware events, etc., that need to be resolved first.

    For device encryption suspended message, please check this article which explains several potential reasons for this issue.