Refresh speeds of Computer data/Reports within SC

Hi all.

Am doing some testing with Sophos Central and trying to trigger actions. The endpoint is behaving fine and doing what it should it a timely fashion, but the dashboard isn't reliably updating.  Sometimes it does fine, but other times I can run several updates from the client and the dashboard doesn't update it's "Last Agent Update" value or any applicable data within the reports either (I'm specifically testing the Windows Firewall at the mo).

Do the Sophos Central servers poll for updates on a schedule (every 30/15 mins) etc?  Or is likely AWS just being a bit laggy?



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    As of now there is no way to change the interval at which the endpoint reports to the client, nor is there a way to change the level of alerting that is reported. Would you please specify which reports are you testing with Windows Firewall?  Depending on the features included in your license, you may see all or some of the event types listed here

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    Hi Shetwa.

    I'm testing the actual firewall functionality and confusion with the reports ; including what is and isn't inferred by the Windows Firewall report compared to what is happening on the client.


    The testing I was doing involved making changes to the local firewall (turning one of the profiles off, or having it on but allowing all traffic etc) then triggering an update on the Client and seeing when data within the computer details section - AND the firewall reports changed.

    I noticed that the data within the firewall report changes up to 30/45 mins faster than what's in the computer details.

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    I will try and replicate the issue in my environment and check if the behaviour is the same, as the computer details on the central dashboard will show the events generated on the machine.