AzureAD\username user added from ??

We are setting up our environment in Sophos and now we have 1 user listed twice. And yes he is also the super admin for the portal. 

But can someone please explain why this user is listed twice but different? All other AD users are listed as but he is listed (without devices) as Azuread\username


I tried to delete this account by renaming it and deleting it, but it came back after the sync. 

  • Hi  

    If the user is created from a sync, then the filters used for the sync would need to be reconfigured so that these do not get re-added on the next sync.

    Users are also added automatically if they logged on to a device where Sophos is installed. The name you will see then will be in the format <domain>\<username>.

    You can assign this login to the SuperAdmin user so that this is not listed as a separate entry.