RollBack to Sopho Admin Central from Sophos Central Enterprise Dashboard

Hello Community,

I  hope all you doing great!

After enabling Sophos central entreprise dashboard , i can't go with the Sophos Admin Central .

So how i can get acces to the Sophos Admin Central


Thanks in advance.

  • Hi  

    Once you are logged in to the Sophos enterprise dashboard, you can go to the Sub-estates option. There you will find the single sub-estate which has all the machines and all the information of your Sophos Central admin account.

    If you click on that sub-estate and check, you'll be able to access all the policies and computers, etc.

  • In reply to Jasmin:

    If you instead wish to roll back and disable Enterprise Management, you can do so by clicking your name on the top left and selecting Account Details.  There will be some pre-requisites that will be shown such as a super-admin must exist in every sub-estate.