[Sophos Notification] Advisory: Central Dashboard Multi Factor Authentication. Delivery of some SMS two factor authentication codes for Central products are delayed

Hi Community, 

Some customers may receive SMS MFA related texts more than 5 minutes after it was requested. Five minutes is the expiration time for SMS codes created. Customers who experience this will need to utilize another form of two factor authentication:

  1. Email + Pin (all customers have this, as its required part of the initial MFA setup)
  2. Google or Sophos Authenticator (if this was already configured this before hand)

Please check the below link for more updates. 

  • [Update]18/3/2020

    The original issue reported on the 13th was self-re mediated on the 14th (no changes made) It was identified that some providers will cache/delay SMS longer at times.

    This behavior is monitored by our internal systems, and we separately contact any providers where we see repeated delays. If you experience this in the future, please initially use an alternative 2fa method in the interim. If this behavior is persistent after 24 hours, please contact our Technical Support team with information about 1. Your Phone Number and 2. Your network provider. and we will help to get it investigated and resolved.